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Thank you Tony Raburn for the AWESOME Fan Brag on the Exp Pros Radio Show with Angel & Eric!!

A few months ago I approached my cousin holly, who has a small but quickly expanding business called IBUILD with about four employees, about potentially using a new connection I had (Casper Stockham) for here payroll and employee management. She quickly cut me off telling me that I should use the guys she had. How great he was, and how she would just merely mention what she wanted and he was on it. He would go so far as to tell her how he would streamline her procedures and get her more than she had even thought of and then he would just run with it. She adamantly made it clear she would not even consider the thought, and so I dropped the topic entirely. A few days ago I was in her office, and noticed Casper’s card on the wall. At which point she started to sell me on his greatness again.
Apparently the entire time we had been trying to sell each other on the same guy. True story!

After checking into and interviewing three other companies, I made the decision to contract with Employer Essentials Inc. Their fees were the most reasonable and the quality of service is top drawer. The transition was effortless and our experience has proven the service to be professional, accommodating and efficient.
I really enjoy working with the people at Employer Essentials. They are very responsive to my emails and phone calls and make the payroll process as simple as possible. I highly recommend Employer Essentials to anyone looking for a payroll and benefits administration company.
Travis Winder, Director of Accounting, International Management Services
I am a Regional Developer for Synergy HomeCare and I sell franchises and support owners throughout Colorado, and never planned on having direct employees. After a few months I wanted to employ some marketing assistance, but didn’t want to manage the administration of an employee, so I reached out to Casper at Employer Essentials Inc. Even though I only have one employee, they allow me to manage my employee and business, while they manage the HR and administration. Having worked in corporate America for over 15 years, I have always relied on a separate department to manage WC, payroll taxes and benefits, and now EEI is my HR department. Their process is streamlined from start to finish, and all I need to do is enter hours on a portal and the team handles everything else. If you have a small business, especially a start-up business, I highly recommend using EEI to manage your employee administration and leverage their expertise, processes and afford-ability.

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